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Aboratec SCP. ("Aboratec") is the company acting as the data controller in connection with any personal information collected or received from your use of "Our Shoplist" mobile application.

1. Access to the Services; Accounts for content creators

Your use of the Services is subject to your creation and our approval of an Our Shoplist Account (an "Account"). We have the right to refuse or limit your access to the Services. To verify your Account, we may request additional information about you from time to time, including, but not limited to, verification of your name, address and other identifying information. By submitting a request to use the Services, if you are a natural person, you represent that you are at least 18 years old.

2. Use of our Services

You can use our Services only as permitted by Our Shoplist Conditions and applicable laws. Do not misuse our Services. For example, do not interfere with or attempt to access our Services using a method other than the interface and instructions we provide.

3. Changes in our Services; changes in the Terms of Our Shoplist

We are constantly changing and improving our Services. We can add or remove features or benefits of the Services at any time and we can suspend or interrupt a Service completely. We can modify the Terms of Our Shoplist at any time. We will post any changes to the Terms of Service on this page and any changes to the Policies of Our Shoplist. The changes will generally take effect 14 days after they are posted. However, changes related to new features of a Service or changes made for legal reasons will take effect immediately. If you do not accept the modified conditions of the Our Shoplist Conditions, you will have to stop using the affected Services.

4. Terms of use of the service and service

Regarding content creators, Our Shoplist establishes the following conditions of use and service: Our Shoplist will in no case own the intellectual property of the videos and recipes. Our Shoplist is not responsible for possible copies or fraud on the intellectual property of the content entered. Our Shoplist reserves the right to use such content on channels other than Our Shoplist with the aim of reaching a larger audience. All the data entered by the content creators may be deleted at any time, for them an email must be sent to the team@aboratec.com address with the subject LOW and from the corresponding email account. This cancellation will remove all content from the platform and will cancel any existing contractual relationship between the content creator and Our Shoplist. Our Shoplist does not influence in any way the current monetization of YouTube videos as it is limited exclusively to playing them through the official YouTube tools.

5. Referrals and monetization of the service.

Our Shoplist offers the possibility to content creators so that through the use of referred links they can monetize the content they enter in Our Shoplist. From now on we will call referred to a new user in the application that has installed it through a unique link provided by the content creator. Our Shoplist registers and monitors all installations with referral codes for their corresponding monetization. Our Shoplist will share with the content creator part of the benefits derived from the impressions of the banners present throughout the application and that impact each referral. Our Shoplist will also share part of the benefits derived from the impressions regardless of whether it is a referral or not, generated by the banner present in the "Recipe steps" section of each of the uploaded recipes.

6. Payment

In accordance with this Section and Section 6 of these Terms of Service, you will receive a payment related to a part of the amount of valid impressions of Ads shown to your referrals and shown in your recipes. If your account remains in compliance until the moment that Our Shoplist will issue you a payment, we will pay you at the end of the month following the month in which the balance reflected in your Account is equivalent or exceeds the corresponding payment threshold. . If we are investigating your compliance with the Terms of Our Shoplist or have been suspended or canceled, your payment may be delayed or denied. To ensure that payments are made correctly, you are responsible for providing and maintaining accurate contact and payment information in your Account. The minimum fee to receive payments will be € 20. At the time of making the first payment, a contract must be formalized between the creators and Our Shoplist that will detail the contractual relationship of both parties.

7. Cancellation, suspension and right to additional payment

Our Shoplist may, at any time and without any warning or prior notice, temporarily suspend additional payments to your Account, suspend or cancel the participation of any Property in the Services, or suspend or cancel your account, among other reasons, for Invalid activities or if you do not fully comply with our policies. Our Shoplist may cancel your participation in the Services and close your account, if your account remains inactive for a period of 6 consecutive months or longer. If we close your account due to your inactivity, you will not be prevented from submitting a new request to use the Services. If Our Shoplist cancels your account due to a breach of the AdSense Conditions on your part, including but not limited to, the development of an invalid activity on your part or your failure to prevent such activity on any Property, or your failure In full compliance with any other way of the Our Shoplist Policies, you will not be entitled to any additional payment, you will not be allowed to continue monetizing your content. You can stop using the Services at any time, completing the account cancellation process. If you cancel your Account and the balance it reflects is equivalent to or exceeds the payment threshold, we will pay you that balance in accordance with our Section 6 payment stipulations, approximately within 90 days after the end of the calendar month in which You canceled your use of the Services. Any balance reflected in your account below the payment threshold will not be paid to you.

8. Liability limitation

Our Shoplist will not be responsible for the damages derived from the use of the Website, nor for any action taken based on the information provided therein. Our Shoplist is not responsible for possible security errors or disconnections that may occur or for any possible damage that may be caused to the user computer system (hardware and software), the files or documents stored in it, as a result of the presence of virus in the user computer, used to connect to the Website, or a malfunction of the browser or the use of outdated versions of it.

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